Brian was great to work with, professional and priced right, I highly recommend him.

Bryan Holton
Apr 13, 2018 GoSite

Stood by his work. Previous homeowner did mid-winter roof replacement but homeowner decided to skip new plywood. Bad idea. New roof bubbled up in a few spots. Weatherproof stood by their work and came out and repaired the trouble. Membrane/shingles they installed were great. Owing to the deep snow duringbghe original install they left about a million rusty roofing nails in the yard and didn't come by in spring to magnet them up, that's my only complaint, and one you likely won't have.

Ken Colangelo

I live in Middletown and Brian from Weatherproof is based out of Farmington River Valley. Although we are out of his territory he made it a priority to drop by and offer us an estimate. I called and left voicemails with several other roofing companies in the area. Brian is by far the quickest to respond to my inquiry and the only follow through in coming by for a free estimate. He was timely and responsive from the estimate through completion of our roof repair. We had a tree come down on our roof during a storm. Our roof was still 5 years out from needing replacement so he fixed the boards that needed immediate attention and did a great job matching the shingles. Definitely would recommend this company to anyone in need of a professional roof repair!

frank longo
Jul 29, 2014 Google My Business

Serving Avon, Simsbury and Farmington and the surrounding area.